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Planning and Planting a Herb Garden

Bicton College Off-site LEVEL: 1 Horticulture, Floristry & Arboriculture

This 6 week course, running 1 day a week, is a great introduction to growing organic herbs for food, health and wildlife. Students will get to know many different herbs and learn about growing them, planning a garden, and different ways of harvesting and using herbs at home.

This course takes place in the herb garden at School Farm CSA, a certified organic community market garden on the beautiful Dartington estate near Totnes, Devon. The course is delivered by an experienced grower, with a love of growing and using herbs for health and cooking.

Course cost: £75


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Ideal if:

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in growing herbs and can be applicable to people growing in pots, a small garden or on a larger scale. Some experience of gardening or plant knowledge, will be beneficial, although the course can be enjoyed by enthusiastic beginners and more experienced gardeners alike.

You’ll need:

There are no strict entry requirements, but some experience of gardening and plants is very valuable and enthusiasm to learn is essential.

You’ll learn:

- Identifying a range of different wild and cultivated herbs, including some trees

- Propagating herbs from seeds (including seed saving), cuttings and division

- Planning a herb garden

- Preparing beds and other spaces for growing

- Caring for the herb garden

- Harvesting herbs

- Different ways of using herbs including in cooking and for health at home


Students can expect 1 day a week of practical learning on the land in different seasons and weather conditions, indoors and outdoors. Assessment is by a workbook which will be completed through the course.

You’ll love:

Students will love learning directly from the land, the herbs and one another as well as from experienced growers and completing the course with seeds, cuttings and plans to create their own herb gardens.

You’ll go on to:

Students may go on to take other courses, incorporate herbs more into their own gardens or clients' gardens, or to study other aspects of growing.  



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