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Professional sports are very competitive and only a few reach the pinnacle of their profession but there are also millions of others who lead successful careers in sports and fitness. From coaches and trainers to physiotherapists and leisure managers. Having a career in a subject you are passionate about is a fantastic goal to aim for, whether as an elite athlete or part of the wider industry.



Sports coaches, instructors and officials work with amateur and professional sportsmen and women to enhance performance, encourage greater participation in sport, supervise recreational activities such as canoeing and mountaineering, and organise and officiate at sporting events according to established rules.

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Chris Pryor

chief instructor - watersports

Chris is an RYA accredited windsurf, powerboat and dinghy instructor and has been teaching watersports for the last 20 years. Chris is well known in the industry which helps widen employment opportunities for his students.

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100% of our sports students say that teaching on their course is good.

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Meet Our Alumni

Lydia Knight

one of the youngest kayak instructors in th uk

The course is a really good way to gain your watersports qualifications with extra opportunities provided such as industry day.

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Watersport Instructor Diploma

Watersport Instructor Diploma

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