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Arborist Apprenticeship (Tree Surgery)

Cornwall College Business Bicton LEVEL: 2 Horticulture, Floristry & Arboriculture

The arboriculture industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and rural locations from city parks and urban woodlands, to country estates and private gardens. The industry manages trees adjacent to highways, railways, watercourses and power lines. The work of an arborist involves diverse activities such as chainsaw work, aerial tree work, pruning, dismantling and using appropriate machinery such as brushwood chippers. The Arborist New Standard Apprenticeship will develop a wide range of skills and knowledge ensuring your apprentice is competent in the workplace. The apprenticeship is delivered at Bicton College, near Exeter.



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Ideal if:

Ideal for anyone interested in starting a career in the arboriculture industry or for current employees wishing to upskill and gain a recognised qualification.

Entry Requirements:

Math and English at level 2 preferred although can be achieved as part of the development programme/apprenticeship. Apprentices will be required to have or achieved level 1 English and

Maths and to have taken level 2 English and Maths tests prior sitting the End Point Assessment.

You must have a suitable employer and show a  passion and enthusiasm for the industry and have a willingness to work hard and take on new challenges within your job role and at college.

What You Will Learn:

A range of modules including current environmental, wildlife and health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice in relation to arboricultural works and much more.



College will be typically one day per week in the first year and one day per month in year two with the mandatory short courses being delivered and assessed on different days where possible.

You’ll love:

Tuition from a range of highly experienced, qualified and knowledgeable staff and employer partners.


An opportunity to progress onto a higher level arborist standard on completion of the Level 2  Apprenticeship Standard.


Arborist Apprenticeship (Tree Surgery)

Start Date

This course is offered throughout the year, please contact us for the latest start dates.




18 to 24 months

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