A-level History

Cornwall College St Austell LEVEL: 3 A-levels

History is so much more than dusty books and dead people. It is an exciting and highly relevant facilitating subject that offers crucial insight into current global affairs. Through studying history,
you will be trained in the skills of analysis and evaluation, of reasoned debate and formulating effective arguments, of hunting for truths and identifying false accounts. Your natural curiosity will be heightened by a need to discover how and why things happen, where and when. Exploring cause and effect will become second nature.


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Ideal if:

A-level History is designed to build on the skills which you developed through your GCSE studies. This course is designed for those interested in understanding the value and significance of world events in the past. In the process you'll gain a deeper understanding of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Knowing how people lived in the past helps to understand why people act like they do today.

You’ll need:

At least five GCSEs at grade C or grade 5, or above, including English and mathematics and at least a grade B or grade 6 or 7, in a relevant subject.

You’ll learn:

Over the course of two years, you will explore Stuart Britain and the Crisis of the Monarchy, 1603-1702 as well as examining in depth the events surrounding the Birth of the USA, 1760- 1801. In addition, during your second year, you will have the opportunity to undertake your own historical investigation, giving you an enhanced understanding of the nature and purpose of history and how historians work.


Small group sizes, outstanding staff and close tutorial support.

You’ll love:

Studying History A-level at Cornwall College, you will be given the opportunity to work alongside a professional academic historian, whose work is known globally, who will help you acquire the skills and attributes that employers and universities want most.


A-level History

Start Date

September 2017


St Austell


2 years

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