Interim Principal and Chief Executive

Dr Elaine McMahon CBE
For over thirty years Elaine has worked in the further education sector both in Britain and the USA. Over the last seventeen years she has worked as a College Chief Executive and Principal, developing and motivating colleagues to work as teams in order to achieve collective goals.

Her first role as Principal/CEO was at Salford College where a major change recovery plan was successfully implemented. During her tenure as Principal/CEO of Hull College the College grew substantially, incorporated three Colleges and a Training Provider; secured an Ofsted overall ‘Outstanding’ rating and a Category ‘A’ financial rating.

She is passionate about the ability of FE to have a positive socio-economic impact and to widen participation through partnership working.
Since 2013, she has taken on a number of job roles including acting as an Interim Principal/CEO in a number of Colleges of Further Education.