CCSU President 2017/18 and Student Governor

I am the elected Students’ Union President and one of two student governors for 2017/18.

I am currently studying A-levels and hope to move forward in a career as an English or Primary School teacher.

When not studying or working I continue my love of hairdressing and make-up in the form of a Drag Artist.

My personal achievements include volunteering in Kenya in 2017, my work with the LGBTQ+ with the Cornwall College Group and my outside work as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ rights.

My main passions are equal rights for all and I often work within my local community to achieve this.

I hope to achieve many things through my CCSU President’s role including equal access to toilets for gender neutral and trans students, improving the visibility of the CCSU and thus improving campus relationships and finally I hope to run a students’ pride event.