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Apprenticeships Really Work

Published: March 3, 2017

Cornwall College Camborne

A student from Camborne has been busy manufacturing brass inserts for a superyacht in Falmouth.

Rhys Chambers, who successfully studied the Level 2 Engineering course at Cornwall College Camborne, progressed onto the highly respected Pendennis apprenticeship programme in September.  The programme delivered in partnership with the Cornwall College Group recently won the best apprenticeship programme in the UK.

Carl Moyle – Team Lead, Engineering, Cornwall College Camborne said, “Pendennis were working on one of their superyachts that required some bespoke brass inserts and Sam Jeffery who recently completed his four year apprenticeship with Pendennis and who is one of the HE students at college, asked whether we could help them out and produce these precision inserts for use on-board the yacht”.

The high calibre inserts were for certain doors and instead of having to re-make them, it was suggested the old inserts could be drilled out and new ones put in, saving time, money and providing a more environmentally friendly solution.

Carl continued, “Sam thought of Rhys as he had already completed the level 2 course and so Rhys was tasked with manufacturing these brass inserts on the college’s CNC lathe machine, which gave Rhys the perfect opportunity to enhance his skills and work on a real-life project”.

Rhys Chambers added, “Joining Pendennis was the best thing I’ve ever done, in such a short space of time I’ve learnt so much about the company and having this opportunity to produce some precision pieces for one of the yachts was amazing.  The training I received at college really helped me and putting it into practice makes it all worthwhile”.

At the moment the apprentices are at college full time, 5 days a week.  They cover engineering three days a week, which includes CAD, fabrication and machine shop.  They also do one day a week in electrical and one day learning furniture making.

During half-terms the apprentices work at the Pendennis ship year, where they spend time in every department learning how the company actually works and operates, which helps them understand what everyone’s role is within the business.

Carl Moyle – Team Lead, Engineering, Cornwall College Camborne “Since completing his full time engineering course with us, which gave him the knowledge and hand skills to enable him to work at a professional level in the making of these brass inserts, Rhys has quickly integrated into the Pendennis apprenticeship scheme, which has given him additional opportunities to develop and we are positive that he will become a strong member of the Pendennis team once fully qualified”.

Rhys concluded, “The advantages of being on an apprentice are vast.  With Pendennis they have a very inclusive four year programme working very closely with Cornwall College who deliver the majority of the training requirements.  Apprentices receive a wage while they train either at college or in the workplace”.

“We can now progress from level 1 courses right up to HNC and university courses and because we’re apprentices with Pendennis you don’t build up any debts, as all costs are paid for by the company which is a real incentive to want to stay and build a career with them”.

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