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Bin your bras at College!

Published: February 19, 2019

Duchy College | Duchy Rosewarne students

Students have been asking for unwanted bras in their latest effort to support charities, both at home and abroad.


The Student Union team at Duchy College Rosewarne is looking to achieve its first goal of 200 garments to fill a bra bank for Against Breast Cancer.


“Our students have always been empathetic, and the student union team are always looking at ways they can help different groups and charities,” Kate Snook, Learner Enrichment Officer at Rosewarne, explained.


“Against Breast Cancer provides a bra recycling scheme which takes your unwanted bras and raises vital funds for breast cancer research.”


As well as helping fund research, the donated bras will also reduce landfill in the UK and will support small businesses in Africa, where bras remain too expensive to produce locally.


“It literally is amazing what dropping an old bra into a box can turn into,” she added.


Emily Pengelly, Vice Chairperson of the CCSU (Cornwall College Students’ Union) at Rosewarne, talked about the importance of the charity and why it’s close to her heart.


“My gran has had cancer a lot as I’ve been growing up and she lost a breast to cancer. We debated our options in Union meetings and others were keen to support a breast charity, so we did our research and thought a bra bank would be the easiest and trouble-free way for people to help. So far I have donated seven bras.”


The bank, where members of the public, students and staff can drop off their bras, is situated in the main reception.


“You don’t even have to drop them individually into the bank if you’re worried about people seeing your bra choices or designs,” Kate continued.


“You can put them in bags in the bank and we can do the rest. So far we have collected over 100 bras in just over a month and for every tonne collected by the charity £700 goes towards research. I am extremely proud of the students and the way they have organised this, commitment and enthusiasm really shines through.”


The bra bank at Duchy College Rosewarne is one of three in West Cornwall who supports Against Breast Cancer and is open throughout the working week 8.30am until 5pm.


Kate Snook, Learner Enrichment Officer at Rosewarne and Emily Pengelley, Vice Chairperson of the Student Union at Rosewarne with the new bra bank.


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