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Chocolate tin mines create a stir at the Poldark Grand Ball

Published: March 9, 2016

Cornwall College St Austell 16-18

Perfect chocolate replicas of Cornish Tin Mines, produced by students at Cornwall College St Austell took pride of place at last weekend’s Poldark Grand Ball.  The event at the Atlantic Hotel celebrated all things Cornish and gave the opportunity for the students to work on a unique project, which would be seen by hundreds of people.

The 18 handmade chocolate mines took weeks of planning and preparation to create the intricate parts of the mine and assemble by trainee chefs Tamara Dingle, Liam White and their Chef lecturer Shirley Sweeney.

Shirley said: “This was a fantastic task for the Level 3 students to take their skills to the next level putting them way ahead of their peers. Not only did we supply the Tin Mines for the event but we also provided the guests individual boxes of handmade chocolates which they could take home with them”

The magnificent pieces of chocolate art were placed as centrepieces on each of the restaurant tables, a LED tea light was placed within the engine room of the mine and dry ice was released from under them to make it look even more dramatic and mesmerising when the guests entered the room for the first time.

Liam explained: “We feel really fortunate to have been a part of this project, it has allowed us to gain specialist skills that we can take forward into our future careers. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again, even though mum wasn’t happy with my chocolate covered chef whites to wash!”

Tamara added: “It was also a great experience us and for the first year catering students as they got to see what trainee chefs do in their final year, I think it encourages them to work hard and gives them the chance to think about additional specialist skills they might like to learn.”

Only one chocolate tin mine remains and it has been put on display in Cloisters Restaurant at Cornwall College St Austell.


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