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Cornish celebrated on European Day of Languages

Published: October 5, 2017

Children from around Pool and Redruth have been introduced to the Cornish language as part of the European Day of Languages.

Nurseries and families spent a fun and interactive day at The Writer’s Block at Cornwall College to celebrate the day.

Rhisiart Tal-e –bot, coordinator of the day, said it was about “having some experience with a language and to celebrate the languages that are traditionally spoken within our community”.

“That includes Polish, Portuguese, French and of course, Cornish. These are the languages that have a history in the Pool and Redruth area,” he continued.

“Many of the children that I’ve met in preschools and within the community don’t have much experience with hearing a language first hand and I thought it would be really nice for them to have that experience.”

Rhisiart explained that to help an association with the languages, food was provided from each of the regions represented.

Justyna Dudek, a translator from Poland who was one of the presenters, said the whole experience was “really pleasant”.

“It was really nice to mix cultures and share where we’re from and what we have been brought up with,” she continued.

“It is really nice to see the kids enjoying all the activities and enjoyed the crafts. It has been a really nice opportunity to be able to experience language and culture together and pass that on to the next generation.”

Rose Thomas, a parent who brought their children to the day, was pleased the children had been given the opportunity to learn each different language.

“They’ve been able to participate in very interactive activities, which has held their interest and they have all remained so focused throughout,” she explained.

“I am always interested in incorporating languages and culture into my children’s every day, the more languages the better.”

The National Lottery has funded the project which is supported by Cornwall College and Cornwall Neighbourhood for Change.

“Celebrating languages is a vital component of a child’s education and I am pleased that the Cornish language is making a resurgence,” Rhisiart explained.

“It’s exciting to see Cornish translations of books appearing, such as the popular Ted Rules the World by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, which is being launched on the 31st October.”

For more information on the range of courses available through Cornwall College visit www.cornwall.ac.uk or call 0330 123 2523.


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