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Cornish links to new Bristol next gen creative college

Published: June 28, 2017

16-18 | Adult | apprenticeships

A new college in Bristol, which is preparing students for a future in the next generation of creative industries, is partnered with a college in Cornwall.

The Institute of Digital Creatives (IDC), delivered by the dBs Music and Screenology colleges that arrived in Bristol only a few years ago, is a brand new educational production house working in partnership with Cornwall College to offer students the ability to skill up to become a future, digital creative.

Director, Miriam Venner, who was formerly head of campus at Cornwall College Camborne, said the core purpose at The IDC is “to teach at the bleeding edge of technological innovation, where other schools curriculums may be lagging behind”.

“The students joining us at The IDC will deliver creative digital content using the very latest technologies in real situations, to give students the skills necessary for jobs in the modern day creative digital industries,” she continued.

“As a new sister college to the dBs Music and Screenology colleges in Bristol, we build on a wealth of experience and a respected reputation for high tech, high investment and high quality within the digital creativity sector. For those obsessed by video games, virtual reality, special effects, apps and web development and those who want to produce interactive content for multiple platforms, The IDC is their future.”

The current offering includes Level 3 diploma courses in Games, Interactive and Visual Effects, which provide all the creative skills and theory required to start designing and building video games, VR experiences and visual effects for other media.


Is it offered as an Extended Diploma for 16-18 year olds and as an Access course for those over 19.

All students will be introduced to interactive production, producing nonlinear new media such as apps and websites to showcase their work.

“Utilising industry standard hardware and software our experienced team will provide bespoke training in the full gamut of creative digital disciplines,” Miriam continued.

“Students will learn the protocols and processes utilised throughout the games, interactive and VFX industries to ensure they are fluent with current workflow conventions and techniques. Plus, in the same ethos as their sister colleges, The IDC is staffed by industry professionals and provides the training and tools required to give both the practical skills and the necessary theory for a successful career in the digital arts.”

Guest lecturers from industry insiders and master classes from engineers from some of the most cutting edge development studios on the planet will inspire learning and fuel creativity.

Whether enrolled on the Level 3 course for two years (equivalent to three A-Levels), or the one year Access course, which is for ages over 19, allowing for access to degree level courses, students will learn the fundamentals required to access higher education in the games, interactive or VFX industries or straight into a career in the creative digital sector.

Contact 03333 44 89 90 or email info@theidc.co.uk to find out more information.


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