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Cornwall College Camborne celebrating Military Academy successes

Published: April 15, 2016

Cornwall College Camborne 16-18

The Military Academy which launched at Cornwall College Camborne in September 2014, is celebrating as three students have just received their joining instructions for the RAF, Army Infantry and Royal Artillery respectively.

Student Ryan Nadolski is getting ready to join the Army Infantry on 20th March, whilst Aaron Rowe and Tash St Leger are eagerly awaiting their medical assessments at the end of March before receiving their entry dates if they pass.

The Military Academy based at Cornwall College Camborne, offers great opportunities for those aged 16 to 18 in the West of Cornwall who are considering a career in the forces such as the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. Military Academy Lecturer, Karl Smith, said: “The selection tests that await anyone looking to work in public or military service are challenging and require preparation, fitness and commitment. Throughout our courses, we support students’ performance and progression by involving ourselves in all that they do. All of our staff are either former servicemen or are still serving”.

Ryan Nadolski initially applied to join the Army direct (via the Armed Forces Careers Office at Redruth) but was unfortunately turned down due to medical reasons. AFCO then called Lecturer Karl Smith direct and asked if Ryan could join the Military Academy at Camborne as they were very keen for him to join the Army, and didn’t want him sat around waiting for six months waiting to retake his medical. Ryan added: “I’ve really enjoyed the military-based lessons around fieldcraft and weapon-handling. The course has helped me to improve academically, maintain my focus and fitness and has given me a valuable insight into military life”.

Student, Aaron Rowe, said: “I would highly recommend these courses to anyone considering a military career. I am much more prepared to join the RAF than I would have been and received lots of support with the application process. Getting up to fitness was quite challenging in the early days, but the real highlight for me has been the recent residential week we spent at Okehampton Camp”.

Tash St Leger is currently studying a Level 3 Public Services Diploma, and has just received her joining instructions for the Army as she wants to join the Royal Artillery. She added: “I’d definitely recommend the Military Academy for anyone considering a career in the forces, it’s not such a big jump and you get used to the discipline. I’m definitely fitter now than when I started”.


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