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Cornwall College supports the build of a Cornish Language website

Published: November 7, 2016

Cornwall College Corporate

A new website is being developed with the support of Cornwall College to help save the Cornish language. Skians, which in Cornish means knowledge, is being launched later this year and will be a place that facilitates research into the Cornish culture and dialect.

Lecture at Cornwall College and Cornish language expert, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, was a key founding member of the Skians conference and now website. “I was receiving questions and various surveys from people around the Country and in fact across the world and the same questions kept repeating. I was aware that we could further our research if there was a space where we could share our work.”

Rhisiart continues, “The website is important, because it will focus the attention of researchers and those interested in the Cornish language about what information is available and what work has been done, so that we can continually develop and improve our academic practice.”

Cornwall College, Cornwall Council and Exeter University partnered to create Skians and the website will build on the work already being done at an annual conference. Now in its third year the event had talks from sixteen speakers on subjects that ranged from ‘The Economic Impact of Cornish Culture and Language’ to ‘Creating software tools for Cornish with Python‘. There were over forty people at the Cornish language conference that came from across the world.

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot said “It is important to keep the language alive, because it is the indigenous language of Cornwall; if it disappeared so would an integral element of what it mean to be Cornish. People have a right to learn and speak the language and to be supported in that endeavour. When people ask me ‘why should I learn Cornish?’ I reply because you are a Cornish Man.”

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