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Cross channel links for marine biologists

Published: October 21, 2016

Falmouth Marine School Falmouth 16-18 | Adult

Falmouth Marine School hosted a visit for a small group of aquaculture students from a Vocational Maritime School in France.

The 10 French students visited with their two Sea-Farming teachings from LPMA in Cherbourg.   The students are studying sea farming and marine biology and were really keen to make links with marine biology students from Falmouth Marine School.

French teacher Jean-Yves Martin Commented:  “We decided to take our students on a tour of the aquaculture facilities in the UK.  They were very keen to see the new marine training facilities at Falmouth Marine School and to develop links.  The visit was very interesting and very valuable for us and our students.  Furthermore, the trip in south-west England was very pleasant.”

Marine Biology & Ecology student from Falmouth Marine School, Flo Tebbutt said:  “It was really great meeting students studying the same subject from a different country.  We spent a lot of time discussing differences and similarities, which was so interesting.”

Craig Baldwin, Marine Science Course Manager said:  “It is wonderful when students can come together through their passion of a subject and learn from one another.   We hope to further develop these links by sharing student collated data from projects and future visits.”

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