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Diversity celebrated at Cornwall College

Published: March 4, 2016

The Cornwall College Group Corporate | event

Events have been taking place across The Cornwall College Group this week, to mark Celebrating Diversity.  The aim of the annual event is to highlight the range of cultural identities present within the College and provide opportunities to learn about other cultures.

Events this year have included; A wheelchair basketball tournament, specialist menus, talks by Cornish MPs, pasty challenges, shanty singers and talks about religion.

Corporate Celebrating Diversity Co-ordinator, Steph Norman, said: “Celebrating Diversity Week brings together and showcases the excellent work taking place across the College to promote equality and diversity.  The vast range of activities that have been taking place this year spanned all areas of the curriculum and show the development of our work in this area.”

This year the college has been supported by the diversity team from Devon and Cornwall Police; officers visited the campuses in both Camborne and St Austell.  Functional Skills English students have also heard from PCSO Steve Edser, who is one of the 3 fulltime PCSOs in the country who are solely linked to Migrant Workers.

Steph added: “To have the experience and support of Devon and Cornwall Police has made this an excellent learning opportunity for our students and I am extremely grateful for all they’ve done.”

The week climaxed in activities celebrating St Piran’s Day on Friday 4th March and with a Wheelchair Basketball tournament at Cornwall College Camborne.  The tournament was supported by the Cornwall Cougars’ Wheelchair Basketball club and saw students from across Cornwall taking part.

The event was organised by college sports maker, Jamie Tresidder, he said: “The idea of the tournament was to encourage ALL learners to take part in a sport where anyone, whether able bodied or not, can participate. By removing barriers to participation and running this tournament it enables learners to create an environment amongst fellow Cornwall College students where the position of disabled people becomes much more positive. “


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