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Dream job at the Beeb for Newquay wildlife student

Published: November 17, 2016

Cornwall College Newquay alumni

A former wildlife degree student from Cornwall College Newquay has landed the job of a lifetime presenting a popular children’s programme on the BBC.  Lizzie Daly, who studied her FdSc Animal Behaviour & Psychology course at Cornwall College’s Newquay campus on Wildflower Lane, is currently presenting The Lets Go Club on the CBeebies channel.

Lizzie, who has built her name as a budding wildlife documentary presenter and filmmaker for the last few years, was spotted online and hired for the presenting job with the high profile children’s channel. Through her own films, Lizzie has always strived to inspire and encourage others to involve themselves in scientific endeavours and learn more around the natural world that surrounds us.

Lizzie said: “The natural world tells some of the most dramatic stories ever seen. I feel the most comfortable when I’m exploring nature or heading off into the middle of nowhere in search of catching a behaviour or wildlife spectacle on film, and my fascination for wildlife comes hand in hand with my strong sense of adventure.

“Anyone who wants to be a wildlife presenter should grab a camera and start filming as soon as possible! If you are passionate about wildlife then the story will tell itself, all you have to do is catch it on camera. It takes practice, time and patience but when you do get the shot you need, it’s the most rewarding feeling and being able to share that moment with others is even more special!”

An explorer at heart, Lizzie regularly goes cliff jumping, sea swimming and off-road running and has just completed a 200 run mile in Europe to raise money for the World Land Trust this summer. Her curiosity for the natural world has led her to conducting research in Iceland, Cornwall, across South Africa, and even venturing alone into Northern Cyprus to observe the distribution of snakes.

Lizzie said: “I’m drawn to research because of the combination of problem solving, creativity and rigorous testing that gives us today’s extensive knowledge of the natural world and this has always inspired me. In fact I would go as far to say that not a week goes by where I’m not amazed by a new discovery science makes.”

During her time studying in Newquay, Lizzie was a keen member of the nationally recognised Student Invasive Non-Native Group (SINNG), which is based at Cornwall College. SINNG is a student-led local action group working to increase action and awareness on Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) and reduce the impacts INNS are currently having on native wildlife.

Action includes practical fieldwork, research, public engagement and raising awareness. Lizzie said: “Cornwall College was an important stepping stone for me in learning more about the world of research. The University provided me with plenty of opportunities to volunteer, work in the field and develop my skills in communicating science. The work of projects like SINNG are vital in raising awareness and communicating to the public about our important native species, it’s these projects which really make a difference.”

SINNG Coordinator Nicola Morris from Cornwall College Newquay knew Lizzie well during her time studying. Nicola said: “Lizzie was always an incredibly enthusiastic volunteer with SINNG who showed a real aptitude for engaging with our school groups. I am delighted, but not at all surprised, that Lizzie has continued to use the knowledge she gained as a student and experience as a volunteer with SINNG to inspire the next generation of conservationists.”

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