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Duchy College students spend day at Plymouth Argyle

Published: October 10, 2016

Duchy College Stoke Climsland 16-18 | Adult

Duchy College Plymouth Argyle Football Education Programme students have spent the day at Plymouth Argyle experiencing the everyday running of a professional football club.  The students were treated to a tour of the stadium including the changing rooms, boot room, executive suites and the PAFC prison.

They gained an insight into the different careers on offer at the club and had a chance to take part in some fitness testing and training sessions in the ground. This involved a stadium run that has been used since PAFC was formed, requiring students to sprint up and down every set of steps in the stadium and finishing with a sprint finish around the pitch.

Level 3 Plymouth Argyle Football Education student, Luke Allen, said: “It was a great experience going behind the scenes at Home Park.  I really enjoyed learning about the different job roles at PAFC.”

The students were also given a talk about maintenance of a sports facility and how the manager of the club influences most of the decisions made, including the size of the pitch and the colour of the away team changing room. The students came away with an enhanced view of employment opportunities at a football club.

Team Lead for Sport at Duchy College, Darren Evans, said: “The students on the PAFC programme are having some excellent experiences outside of the classroom and are gaining opportunities to find out about different employment opportunities at professional sports clubs.  This experience has also served to engage the learners and they have been able to contextualise their classroom based learning.”

The Football Education Programme at Duchy College prepares students for a role in the sports industry, by giving them all the relevant skills and expertise.  Opening up opportunities to either coach or play at a higher level.

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