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Falmouth Marine School students impress at Industry Day

Published: December 1, 2016

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Students from Falmouth Marine School impressed business owners and company leaders from across the UK at this year’s Industry Day.  The annual event, which was held at the newly refurbished building on Kiligrew Street, is an opportunity for the students to engage with employers about future opportunities.

The event was opened by Managing Director of A&P Falmouth Gerald Pitts, who was an apprentice at Falmouth Marine School in the 1970s.

A&P are currently looking to recruit a number of apprentices and head of Human Resources, Paul Kneebone, said this was a perfect opportunity to meet with the students: “From a trade apprenticeship, with the right attitude you can work your way up through the company.  From my own point of view I was an engineering apprentice, I ended up as a shop steward where I learned about employment law, but my passion was always training and the apprentices and their progression, which lead me into the HR role.”

Currently 70% of the senior management at A&P Falmouth started their careers as apprentices, Paul continued: “We are now looking for a small number of apprentices to join us, ideally someone that is at college who has had a taste of electrical or engineering work, who is keen to pursue their career.  It’s about forming the foundations for the future, developing our own people and bringing them through; it’s a very good grounding.”

This year’s event saw students from the watersport courses joined by engineering, boatbuilding and marine science.  Organisations represented at the event included; Voyager Adventure, Mark Warner, Cornwall Marine Network, Elemental, Peninsula SCITT, Quay Crew, Seiche Training, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, PGL Travel, Cockwells, Environment agency, South West Lakes, Cornish Diving, Mylor Harbour and KME.

The Director of Kernow Marine Explorations Global Ltd (KMEx), Angelina Rose, said: “Our future aim is to develop a number of courses, which will enable students from different backgrounds to have a host of new skills.  Our certificate, which they can gain alongside their classroom work, will enable them to operate a number of remote controlled vehicles to help conduct underwater surveys.”

Marine Biology student Emily Hardisty, was delighted to gain a work experience placement: “Industry Day is a day to see what options there are in the industry you are interested in.  I’ve been talking to the team from KMEx, they conduct deep sea research using ROVs and I’ve managed to secure a work placement with them and I am delighted.”

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