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Fish tanks add employment opportunities

Published: February 7, 2019

Students studying animal management at Duchy College Rosewarne are benefiting from new state-of-the-art fish tanks.


The Level 3 course students are now able to learn about the care and handling of fish, an important skill for those looking to get into zoology and other higher education and employment options.


The exotics room at the college, which usually houses reptiles, insects and anthropods, otherwise known as millipedes, is home for the tanks.


George Brougham-Pickard Team Lead for Animal Management said everyone was “so excited to have this new equipment and teaching the new unit”.

“We have a tropical marine tank, which the students are just setting up to house clown fish and a shoal of Banggai cardinalfish and sea urchins amongst others,” he explained.


“The interesting thing about Banggai cardinalfish is that they are mouth breeders, they lay their eggs and then scoop them into their mouth to protect them until they hatch. During this time to protect the eggs, whilst they eat, they spit them in the middle of sea urchins. It will be great to show the students just how different species of fish can be and what each require as far as food and habitat to survive.”


The two other tanks include a brackish-water aquarium, which is salt water and fresh water combined.


“We currently have three young puffer fish, they are so cute and you can also train them. The last tank is freshwater where we have zebra danios, rummy-nose tetras and cat fish,” George added.


The students are revelling in creating living environments for the new residents, something that is new to a lot of the students.


For more information on animal management courses and units or any of the other courses run at Duchy College, Rosewarne, come to a Course and Careers Advice Event on Saturday 23rd March, 10am-12pm.


For more information on the range of courses available across The Cornwall College Group visit www.duchy.ac.uk or call 0845 60 50 455.



George Brougham-Pickard, Team Lead for Animal Management with the new fish tanks


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