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Fitness referral scheme changing lives in St Austell

Published: April 16, 2018

Cornwall College St Austell Adult

A GP Referral scheme to help St Austell residents with a range of medical problems is being hailed a “huge success”, with many seeing a dramatic improvement in their conditions.

Hayley Burgoyne, the Social Prescribing Facilitator at St Austell Healthcare, said the team supports patients to improve their health and wellbeing by signposting them to appropriate sources of support in the community.

“We are working with a number of organisations in the local area and Cornwall College is a shining example of a supportive partner,” she explained.

“The Exercise Referral Scheme is a huge success. We have been referring patients to the exercise referral specialist for the past ten months and patient results are very encouraging. Patients have reported improvements in mobility, confidence and stamina as well as weight loss and improved diabetic control.”

Diane Priestley from Charlestown is one of the completed referrals and has now signed up to the gym to continue her fitness journey which she says has made her “more active, feeling better both physically and mentally”.

“I would definitely encourage anyone to do this programme and I would say try any exercise once, if it’s not for you, you’ll find another one. Work through the pain it will get better – trust me,” she added.

Personal Trainer Steve Lay who works with the patients said that those who have completed the programme have lost weight and toned up.

“We have had one person reverse his type two diabetes while another one has reduced his diabetic medication drastically,” he explained.

“I think it is such a positive scheme that is not only helping with fitness levels but also helping with overall wellbeing.”

Diane Priestley with personal trainer Steve Lay


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