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Former students dream takes off

Published: June 17, 2016

Cornwall College St Austell Corporate

Two former students from Cornwall College St Austell, who’ve secured their dream jobs as flight attendants, have come back to inspire current students.

Harrison Bancroft and Elisha Banfield completed their Travel and Tourism Diploma last summer and are reaping the benefits of their qualification and are now flying high with airline companies Monarch and Jet2.

Harrison said: “becoming an Air Steward for Monarch Airlines is a dream come true for me, I’ve wanted to work as Cabin Crew as long as I can remember. I feel really fortunate to be one of the 13 from the 3000 applicants that applied for the role I secured at Leeds Airport and proud to have completed the intensive training required to earn my Wings”

Elisha, who will be working for Jet2 added: “It helps that you are taught by industry professionals, people who are still doing the job.  One of our main lecturers, Janet Willis who also works for British Airways, taught us the skills we would need to become a Flight Attendant right here in the college”

Both Harrison and Elisha drilled home the importance of working hard to the current students and about keeping their standards high while at college; as this is an important factor when it comes to applying for jobs in the highly competitive travel industry.


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