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Giant Seahorses at Falmouth Marine School

Published: September 6, 2016

Falmouth Marine School Falmouth Adult

The National Aquarium has donated two breeding pairs of giant seahorses to Falmouth Marine School for the Marine Biology students to enhance their study of marine life.

The students on the further education and degree level courses were delighted with the new arrivals for the aquaculture centre.  The seahorses measured approximately 10 centimetres, with the potential to reach 15cm.

Degree level student Annabel Hoeffler commented:  “I have never seen such big seahorses.  Seahorses pair for life; they meet first thing every morning to reinforce their bonding.  As they approach each other, they change colour. They are beautiful creatures and I look forward to learning more about them and hopefully witnessing their elaborate courtship display.”

Marine Scientist and Course Manager Craig Baldwin said:  “We are very grateful to the National Aquarium for the new addition to the aquaculture centre and for their continuous support of our courses here in Falmouth.  Our students will be able to study the Seahorses, analysing their behaviour first hand.  This represents an example of the type of applied work our students undertake during their course.  We have a range of courses resulting in us being a leading educator in marine species and husbandry.”

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