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Health and Social Care students make blankets for dementia

Published: June 15, 2017

Cornwall College Camborne

Students have come together to create fiddle blankets and activity aprons for the elderly.

Health and social care students from Cornwall College have created ‘Fiddle Blankets’ and activity aprons for dementia patients.

Often, during later stages of dementia, someone will fidget with their hands as though agitated or searching for something to hold. The person with dementia may pull on their clothing or bedding, rubbing their hands up and down.

As children are often calmed by their favourite toy or blanket, a person with Alzheimer’s dementia or other memory loss may also be soothed by a ‘Fiddle Blanket’.

Tazmyn Sinkins, 17, previously Camborne Science and International Academy, a student on the Health and Social Care level two said “We have made about seven blankets to give to the care homes for the residents to touch.”

“They are aimed at patients suffering with dementia, as a symptom is often that a patient will pick or fiddle with objects around them which may be clothes or the chair they are sitting on. Instead they will be able to fiddle and play with the blankets which have been designed with different textures and objects attached including buttons, bells and ribbons.

“This will hopefully be more relaxing to them as the blankets will have different textures that can keep their minds occupied and will keep their hands moving to help with mobility in their fingers.” explained Tamzyn.

Claire Beniston, manager at Tregenna House in Camborne one of the three homes run by the Tre’Care Group, commented “The blankets and the aprons, that the students have made, are absolutely fantastic. They are known as twiddle blankets and for residents with dementia it gives them something to hold, look at and mess with.”

“We have forty-four patients with dementia at Tregenna house and the Tre’Care Group have just over one hundred patients with server dementia and metal health needs” continued Claire

Lecturer on the Health and Social Care Course, Julie Pascoe, said: “It’s been great to get the students involved and working on a project where they can give back to the community. They are able to work with the industry and see best practice in it.”

For more information on the range of Health and Social Care courses available across The Cornwall College Group visit www.cornwall.ac.uk or call 0330 123 2523.

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