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Helping Boost Career Opportunities with Newquay Advice Event

Published: March 13, 2019

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Those looking to realise their dream careers working in the areas of zoology, marine conservation or surf science, are getting the opportunity to explore the courses available on their doorstep.

Cornwall College Newquay is opening its doors to prospective students on Saturday 16th March between 10am and midday, where everyone is welcome to find out more about the campus and get information about their career options.

Dr Mark Nason, who is Director of Higher Education for The Cornwall College Group, said the upcoming advice event is “the perfect opportunity” to find out more about “the range of specialist courses right on your doorstep”.

“Studying in Newquay gives you access to an amazing environment and incredible opportunities, including international field trips and taking advantage of our close partnerships with local businesses including Newquay Zoo, Blue Reef Aquarium, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and The Eden Project.

“Perhaps most importantly, you can engage with our most valuable teaching resource – our team of highly qualified research-active staff.”

If you are interested in studying a subject linked to the natural environment, it could be the perfect place for you to take the next steps in your education, Mark added.

Cornwall College Newquay offers a range of courses, with a focus on Wildlife Education, Animal Behaviour & Management, Marine Sport Science and Zoological, Marine and Ecological Conservation. The College offers diplomas for school-leavers continuing right up to foundation and full degree-level study.

Former student Brogan Pett studied both the FdSc Zoological Conservation and BSc Applied Zoology at Cornwall College Newquay.

Brogan has used the knowledge he gained studying to travel the globe pursuing his passion for wildlife and conservation. He is now working in Paraguay as an Entomology researcher and museum curator with the organisation Fundacion Para La Tierra.

“My current role as an entomologist is my dream job. Studying tropical insects and spiders is just mind-blowing and it’s something that fills you with wonder every day,” Brogan said.

“Challenging yourself is absolutely key to development and any future success you want to have and Cornwall College was challenging and interesting. The location of the campus is absolutely beautiful, the small size of the campus and classes meant I had very good relationships with my lecturers and tutor, which enables students to maximise what they gain from classes. I really can’t stress enough how much having those personable relationships at the College was to my development.”

For more information on the range of Wildlife Education, Animal Behaviour & Management, Zoological, Marine & Ecological Conservation and Surf / Marine Sport Science courses available at Cornwall College Newquay visit www.cornwall.ac.uk or call 0330 123 2523.


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