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Legendary South West artist’s work recreated after 30 years with same model

Published: February 8, 2017

Cornwall College Saltash

Students studying one of the South West’s most celebrated artists have recreated a painting using the exact same model 30 years after the original was made.

Robert Lenkiewicz’s painting of life model Rob Churchwood formed part of his famous Vagrants and Vagabonds study during the 1980’s.

Vocational and work-related studies students at Cornwall College Saltash were given the chance to meet with Rob thirty years later to discover more about what it was like to sit for the famous artist and to have a go at creating their own versions of the painting.

Student, James Easton, said it was “a great experience drawing a life model and learning the techniques we had seen throughout Lenkiewicz’s portraits”.

Rob explained to the students that Lenkiewicz was focusing on a subject of punks when the pair met.

“I saw him one day whilst visiting a friend and he asked me to model, which I did for two years,” he explained.

“It was a great experience and he was a very interesting character”.

Rob also praised the students, saying he was “really impressed with their concentration and motivation”.

“The students at Cornwall College Saltash were fantastic and were really involved and interested,” he continued.

Vocational and Work-Related Studies Lecturer, Pip Day, said “this was a great opportunity for our students to put into practice what they have learnt whilst looking at the work by Lenkiewicz”.

“This session really challenged them, it was the first time they had drawn a life model,” she explained.

“Art is more than making marks on a canvas that create a perfect replica image, we have cameras to do that. Art is an expression of emotion and feeling, using the pallet and marking to evoke and express different emotions. People can interpret an image in many ways, we are encouraging our learners to have the confidence to create an image without fearing criticism.”

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