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Local student hailed a snow hero

Published: February 6, 2019

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland 16-18

A local student has received praise from the local community for his attitude when snow hit the county last week.

Level 2 Military Academy student at Duchy College, Ian Hughes, was on the College bus on the way home to Camelford when traffic came to a standstill.

Ian decided to walk along the road offering help to the cars that needed pushing and to check people were okay in the conditions.

A member of the public, who Ian helped, decided to write to Ian’s parents to let them know Ian “is a credit to you and a star”.

“He was asking people today if he could be of help who were stranded in Camelford town this afternoon, he even brought me a coffee as I had no money on me,” the letter continued.

Ian said that while he wasn’t in the military yet “it is the job of the Military to help and if I can ever offer a helping hand to people I will”.

“Once the bus was able to continue and I got home we then received a call from my parent’s friend who was stuck at the local supermarket unable to get home, so I walked out to meet her and helped her carry the shopping bags back,” he continued.

“I am really enjoying the course at Duchy College, I feel I have learnt so much already especially in terms of improving fitness, discipline and confidence. I would really recommend the course to others.”

Team Lead for Military and Protective Services Academy at Duchy Stoke, Neil Harris, said it is great to see “our students displaying the qualities and values of uniformed services, and already supporting their communities as they start their journeys into their chosen careers.”



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