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New degree course making a splash!

Published: November 24, 2016

Cornwall College Newquay 16-18 | Adult

A specialist degree course at Cornwall College Newquay is celebrating 100% pass rate and 100% progression rate into employment or onto further training.

The BSc (Hons) Marine Sports Science degree is celebrating the success of its first cohort of students, who have just graduated with a majority of 2:1 and first class honours. The unique qualification, which is delivered at Cornwall College’s Newquay campus on Wildflower Lane, is accredited in partnership with Plymouth University.

Course Manager Brender Willmott said: “I’m really proud of the success of our first cohort of Marine Sport Science students who graduated this year and also of the amazing team that took on the programme and delivered the new modules in such an engaging and successful way. The students embraced this new course and the opportunities it offered and produced some excellent research in a field that is currently understudied and that offers many openings in the field for future research and development.”

This is certainly the case for Cornwall College graduate Nicolo Agliata, who relocated from Rome to study the course. Nicolo said: “From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the marine environment; whether it was surfing, scuba diving, freediving or fishing, I have always tried to spend as much time as I possibly could in the water. It was also thanks to my parents, who both are devoted sailors that I was able to grow up so close to the environment that I love and, accordingly, cultivate my passion.

“To all the aspiring students I would say that choosing Cornwall College Newquay is by far the best choice you could make; not only are the lecturers and staff extremely helpful, but Cornwall will soon become your home away from home. This has truly been an amazing experience for me and I would recommend it to any marine sports enthusiast who is willing to start a career in this industry.

“What I love the most about the college are the small-size classrooms and the proximity to the ocean. Most of our lectures took place at Tolcarne beach, which is, without doubt, the best location for a class. Cornwall College definitely contributed a great extent to get me where I am today. I am about to leave for Australia where, in January, I am starting a master in Sport Management at Bond University. The surf industry is a tough one to get into but, thanks to the people I met during this course and their advice, I was able to find my own way.”

The qualification, which is available as a full three year degree or as a one year top-up to supplement a relevant existing foundation degree, covers many aspects of the marine industry. The subjects range from business to oceanography, from health and fitness to advanced design concepts and with a focus on applied sport science. It is this versatility of topics that makes the course so unique and an excellent head start in a competitive industry.

Another graduate Esteban Hack, has taken the confidence he gained on the course to progress to a project manager role at Anja Jones Translations, a translation agency in Newquay specialising in German, English and French translations. With a team of 32 in-house and freelance translators under him, Esteban is responsible for planning staff work volumes, making sure client deadlines are met, dealing with enquiries and any other problems that may emerge. Esteban said:  “Cornwall College has provided great opportunities to develop skills that aren’t purely academic. In my case that was anything project management and teamwork related, such as the managing of surf competitions and business modules.

“Surfing is more than just a hobby for me and it plays a major role in my everyday life. Everything about the ocean and how it works drew me to study the marine environment. In combination with learning about how I can perform better in that environment, the modules about sports performance and the human body in particular, were the main reasons for me to study this course.

“Studying in Newquay allowed me to live a lifestyle I actually wanted to live while being in full time education due to the incredible location. Being/living/studying in a place or environment you enjoy a lot obviously does help significantly with anything that comes your way. The only advice I think I can give would be to study what’s most fun to you, chances are higher it’ll take you somewhere you actually want to be in life.”

By provide grounding in the science, technology and business applicable to a marine sports career.  Students will have the opportunity to study a number of different modules relating to the ocean environment in which they practice their sport and in addition modules that will allow them the opportunity to gain key qualifications in their particular area of expertise and  interest to help enhance their employability in a competitive industry.  Alongside of this the essential business and management skills, transferable and soft skills key to graduate level employment will be embedded in a number of modules including event and expedition management and business and enterprise. Sustainability of marine sector sporting activities and environmental awareness will be considered alongside new and developing technology in the industry.

Graduate Ben Morrison is now looking to use his knowledge and skills to work abroad. Ben said: “Cornwall College has helped me understand the surf industry better and introduced me to so many different and helpful contacts. My tutor Brender has helped me apply for ski courses and jobs and at the moment I am training so I can start doing seasons as a ski instructor.

“Newquay is a great place for uni, close to the beach for surfing and it has a great night out. The college is fairly small but this just makes it better for lectures as you only have 15-20 in a class, so you get more opportunities to speak to your lecturer. The course is great, covering a range of really interesting modules. If you love surfing or any sort of marine sport, this is the course for you!”

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