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Once Upon a Time in the Rainforest

Published: January 13, 2016

Cornwall College eden 16-18 | Adult

The biomes at Eden hosted a story telling sleepover, as undergraduates gathered inside the Malaysian hut, to spend the night under the rainforest dome. The Performance, Storytelling and Interpretation students were joined by professional storytellers Diana Mullis and Jenny Crowe, together with lecturer, Dr Sarah McCourt.

Sitting around candles the group shared food and tales, before a midnight walk through the tropical wonderland to experience the inspiring setting after dark.

Programme lead for The Cornwall College Group, Sarah McCourt, said: “To have this remarkable place as the classroom is definitely worth shouting about.  Diana and I were keen that the students should be able to experience the changes that occur in this unique environment throughout the night, and explore the relationships between place, people, and stories that such a rich setting provides.”

This Higher Education programme, which has attracted students from across the UK, is run in partnership between The Cornwall College Group and The Eden Project and is validated by Plymouth University.

Student Rachel Nottle added: “Staying in the rainforest was the most incredible opportunity to experience such a beautiful space at night.  We saw so much wildlife and listened to many interesting stories about the plants that surrounded us. It was such a beneficial addition to my course and it gave us a great chance to bond with other students as well as making memories I will never forget.”

Sarah concluded: “This course runs for two years and is the perfect place to teach performance and storytelling.  Eden is synonymous with creativity, inspiration and interpretation.”

Eden hosts several HE courses including Horticulture, Event Management and Performance, Storytelling and Interpretation.


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