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Plastic pollution doc raises hundreds for Student Union

Published: March 12, 2019

Falmouth Marine School

An informative evening in Falmouth with renowned documentary film maker Jane Darke has been heralded a huge success.

The event, organised by Marine Science students from Falmouth Marine school Max Burns, Liese Shepperd and Jack Stanley, attracted over 60 members of the public and after costs raised £200.00

With a theme of ‘Global issues of Plastic Pollution’, the event included a showing of the film ‘The Wrecking Season’, by Jane Darke and was followed by a talk on plastic pollution with the film maker, at the Poly in Falmouth.

“The turnout was fantastic,” Liese said, “and it was great to see that so many people are passionate about plastic pollution.

“I learnt a lot of skills in hosting the event that I may use again in the future, and I got to focus on something I’m really passionate about,” she continued.

“The wrecking season is such a powerful film, I hope it helped to educate and inspire the community.”

Organising an event forms part of the Personal Employability Skills Development Module for students at Falmouth Marine School.

The group of students decided to split the profits and give half to the Student Union and the other half to the student run Aquaculture Society.

Student Union Coordinator Danny O’Shea said they are very grateful for the funds.

“It can be used to support other students who want to run events or organise social activities,” he said.


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