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Rockpooling Masterclass for King Charles School

Published: June 1, 2016

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Year 4 pupils from King Charles School received a rockpooling session from Marine Biology students from Falmouth Marine School as part of their enrichment week.

Teacher at King Charles School, Gareth Harris said:  “During enrichment week we like to give our pupils different experiences.  It has been super working with students from Falmouth Marine School, they are extremely knowledgeable about the marine life that can be found on our doorstep and the children have really taken to them.”

The 51 pupils met the Marine School students at Gyllyngvase Beach for a three hour session on rockpool identification and introduction to marine biology.  They successfully discovered hermit crabs, star fish, shrimp, spider grabs, a goby, which is a small fish and a pipefish, which looks like a swimming shoelace and is related to the seahorse.

Nine year old Tallan Phillimore caught an adult and baby hermit crab in his net.  He said:  “This is so cool.  I am going to come back with my mum and show her how to find things under the rocks.”

Marine Biology Student, Ellie Hains wants to teach primary aged children.  She said:  “Today has been so much fun, I love working with this age group, they are so inquisitive and absorb information like sponges.  Ensuring they stayed in our group of six was challenging but a great insight into life as a primary school teacher.”

Danny O’Shea is the personal learning advisor to the students at Falmouth Marine School.  He said:  “The Cornwall College group prides itself in ensuring that our students are work-ready.  Today the group has learnt how to engage with and manage the year 4’s, using effective communication skills, team work and using their initiative.”


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