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Rosewarne students find apple assignment a-peel-ing

Published: October 5, 2016

Duchy College Rosewarne leisure

For the first time, apples grown at Duchy College Rosewarne have been pressed by the students to make apple juice. Staff and students were joined by a team from St Ives Cider for a work shop on the campus, before they picked, washed and created their own juice, using specialist equipment.

The orchard at Duchy College Rosewarne is made up of 40 apples trees, of which there are 20 different varieties.  The orchard, which was planted by students 28 years ago, is now at full maturity and there has been a bumper yield this year of apples from all of the trees.

Horticulture Lecturer at Duchy College Rosewarne, Andrew Gunderson, organised the event and he said: “I knew that we had a good crop this year and I wanted to make use of them.  It’s great for students to see the process; this year they have cultivated the trees, pruned them, organically controlled the pests and have now seen their produce turned into a product”

Owner of St Ives Cider, David Berwick said: “This is what it’s all about; going out and finding apples that aren’t being used and then creating something with them.  We’ve got a really good amount of juice from these apples; it’s about 65-75% juice, which is great.  From here it’s all about speed; the juice will go straight back to our chiller tank and then it will be pasteurised and bottled, before it can return to Rosewarne.”

Andrew Gunderson said: “I’m very excited about seeing the finished product and we are going to put our own Rosewarne label on the bottles and there will be a limited amount available to purchase for members of the public.”

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