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Second Chance Viewing for Theatre Enthusiasts

Published: April 13, 2017

Cornwall College St Austell 16-18

Theatre goers in Cornwall and Devon are to get a second chance to experience a “challenging” and “engaging” play, whilst gaining an unflinching insight into teenage perceptions of life.

There are 29 National Theatre Connection festivals taking place across the country and the Students from Cornwall College St Austell will be performing Status Update, written by Tim Etchells, at one of the five dates being held at the Drum in Plymouth this month.

Having executed a successful performance of this funny catalogue of the things teenagers learn, believe and understand about the world at the Keay theatre back in February, the college acting students are thrilled to be performing again.

Former Roseland pupil Tom Bliss said the play “really re-defines what you think you know about being an audience member, the audience and the actor challenge the norm and at points they both become equal”.

“It’s been a real challenge to learn and perform a play that appears to have such simplicity about it even though it is technically quite complex, I’m really looking forward to performing this again and potentially to an even larger audience,” he added.

The National Theatre Connections festival is a celebration of young people, theatre-making and the importance of access to the arts. Each year they commission ten new plays for young people to perform, bringing together some of the most exciting writers with the theatre-makers of tomorrow.

Acting lecturer, Karen Burdon explained how much the students have learned from this process.

“National Theatre Connections is a fantastic project as the plays are written with young people in mind so they are really accessible for them,” she said.

“Our learners have had so much success with this show because they’ve taken ownership of it and been able to make it their own. The company also received fantastic feedback from Dan Bird one of the Associate Directors of the project, which was a wonderful acknowledgement and gave the students the opportunity to see that the work produced in the Acting department at Cornwall College St Austell is really exceptional.”

Karen added that the group were excited to be performing the show again on the Drum stage, “which obviously poses another great learning experience for the company”.

The students will find with anticipation in May if they’ve been selected to take the play to London and perform at the Royal National Theatre.

To book tickets (£6) for the performance at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth please call the box office on 01752 267222.

For more information on the range of Acting and Performing Arts courses available across The Cornwall College Group call 0845 22 32 567.


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