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Students build prototype for a new generation of sailboat

Published: March 23, 2016

Falmouth Marine School Falmouth 16-18 | Adult

Boatbuilding students at Falmouth Marine School have been given an opportunity of a lifetime; building the first prototype International 14 racing dingy, from the moulds of  an innovative new design. The boat was commissioned by U.K. class measurer Pete Crockford of Restronget Sailing Club.

Peter commented:  “The International 14 named ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ was designed by Dan Holman.  It’s the very first of its design; the 14’s have not progressed in terms of haul shape in the last 10 – 12 years.  I was sailing an older design of boat and wanted something in order to compete in the championships and came across a designer that presented me the first true new design.  It’s narrower and more of a ‘v’ shape, like a speed boat, as appose to a ‘u’ shape.”

Peter continued:  “The ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ was unveiled at the RYA dingy show.  It’s was very well received by the class, designers and boat builders who were extremely impressed that it was student built.   The students fully engaged with the project and delivered a first class, high end International 14.”

Charlie Rae is one of the students that worked on the boat.  She said:  “It’s such valuable experience to work on a boat that will be used at a professional level.  To be part of something using latest techniques on a brand new design that no one else has ever built before is mind blowing, I don’t think any other college offers this level of engagement and development for their students.”

Peter Crockford begin racing the International 14 over the next few weeks, his season will culminate at the World Championships in Carnac in Brittany, in September.

Programme Manager Jonathan Mills said:  “We are extremely grateful to Peter for the opportunity and wish him all the best with the championships.  Live projects for our students to work on, are an essential part of the boatbuilding course.  This project has really stretched them resulting in first class, work ready skills.

“The new International 14 mould and design was given to an ex world champion and that boat is now being built, the designer will have boat three, so at this time there will only be three of these designs in the world and our students built the first one.”


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