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Students bunker down for real life military scenario training

Published: June 6, 2017

Duchy College Stoke Climsland 16-18

Cornish students have been challenged in a real-life military training scenario based around a brand new onsite training facility.

Military Academy students at Duchy College completed their final training exercise which focused on a counter-insurgency (COIN) operation that armed forces have been conducting regularly over recent years.

The students operated out of a forward operating base (FOB) in a host nation in support of local security forces and assisting in providing stability and security against a terrorist group.

Level 3 Military Academy student, Courtney Diggens, thought the exercise “was an amazing experience.”

“It was non-stop work, full of different things and I would do it all again.”

The FOB was the first major use of the new Military Academy training wing at Duchy College Stoke Climsland. It provides the Military Academy with a bespoke space, a parade ground, storage and teaching areas. It also has a dedicated operations room for control of events and exercises.

The week saw the students deploy into the FOB and then undergo a ‘round-robin’ of lessons, teaching them specific skills for the exercise including searching vehicles and personnel, looking for enemy equipment caches, vehicle check points, patrolling and observation posts (OPs), as well as how to efficiently run the operations room, control communications and deal with threats to the FOB.

The lessons completed on Tuesday evening and at midnight the students were straight into the scenario. This involved the students carrying out a 12 hour rotation in teams going from patrols to rest, rest to Guard and Guard to Quick Reaction Force (QRF).

The scenario saw them conducting operations to deter the insurgents and re-assure the local population with Vehicle Check Points (VCPs) and searches, while also trying to locate and then defeat the insurgents with patrols and OPs. At the same time they had to communicate all information to the operations room, respond to incidents and insurgent activities.

The exercise culminated with the students having identified the insurgent key players and defeating them as they were setting up an attack. The insurgents and the Civilian Population (Civpop) was provided by Security, Rescue & Safety (SRS) students.

Level 3 Military Academy student, Aaron Stephenson, said it was a “really exciting week”.

“We were always on our toes and were constantly been physically and mentally challenged,” he added.

Lecturer for Military Academy at Duchy, Jon Stone, said the exercise “was designed to stretch and challenge the learners in realistic scenarios based on the Military operational experience of the staff.”

“It brought together a large number of units that the students have been taught and put it into a realistic work based scenario,” Jon continued.

“The students have been really challenged and have done a fantastic job at stepping up to the mark.”

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