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Students provide expert knowledge to premiership team

Published: November 15, 2016

Cornwall College Camborne 16-18 | Adult

Students from Cornwall College Camborne have been putting Truro Hockey Club through their paces to provide expert advice in nutritional needs and analysing the body composition of the players.

The group on the BSc (Hons) Sport, Health and Exercise Science programme have been using specialist equipment to provide in depth information that pro athletes would receive. The students have then analysed this information to set targets for players at the premiership club.

Lecturer on course Louise Fletcher said, “Current jobs in the sporting industry ask for experience of working with athletes as well as sport science training methods specific to professional elite sports setting. This gives the students that stepping stone to work towards those sorts of industry jobs which working in a classroom alone will not give.”

The partnership between Cornwall College Camborne and Truro Hockey Club gives the students from the course an opportunity to put the theory they have gained in the classroom to the test. To measure the body composition of the athletes the students use specialised industry equipment such as the bio electrical impedance machine which measures the opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissues which can then be used to calculate an estimate of body fat.

Student on the course, Kerry James, said “I found the experience insightful by putting in to practise what I have learnt in lessons, input the information in to a practical context as well making those connections with a local sports team.”

Truro Hockey Team, who are in the premiership league of the South West and South Wales, have been working in partnership with Cornwall College Camborne to develop the scheme.

Coach of the team, Adam Rust, explained “The testing and implementation of strategies will help make the players work harder and also sets them targets to work towards which in turn helps overall performance.”

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