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Students save Christmas for Rotary Club

Published: December 9, 2016

Falmouth Marine School Falmouth 16-18 | Adult

Electrical students from Cornwall College Camborne have spent the last couple of months repairing and re-wiring the Falmouth Rotary Club Float.  In need of some major repairs and attention, the Christmas fundraising float had been temporarily repaired several times by the charity over the past few years, but was starting to show signs of decay.

Head of Falmouth Marine School and Director of Technology across The Cornwall College Group, Justin Olosunde, said: “This was an amazing opportunity for our Level 2 electrical learners to gain some hands-on real-life fault finding, repair and installation experience, as well as offering something back to the rotary charity.  I know that they all enjoyed the challenge and it also helped develop their skill base and knowledge.”

The group of students took on the task of designing a new lighting layout, including the installation of a whole new lighting and audio system designed to light up the float in sequence to music.

Member of the Falmouth Rotary Club, Richard Maycock, added: “We are really impressed with the professional attitude and manner in which the students addressed all the issues with the float.  They have shown great enthusiasm for the project and needless to say, saved the day, making this year’s Christmas collections possible and we look forward to showing the float off in Falmouth and surrounding villages.”

Electrical courses at Cornwall College are available for both school leavers and 19+ students, providing diplomas at Levels 2 & 3 as well as apprenticeships.

Electrical student, Vince East, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed working on the rotary float. I was able to practice a number of skills learned at college in a real situation. We got involved in a number of tasks including installing spot and LED rope lights to a sequencer control box, cut and re-made access panels and played detective trying to find the faults, it was a great project to be involved with.”

Justin concluded: “As Head of Falmouth Marine School and a member of Falmouth Rotary; I was asked if our students could assist in the electrical re-wiring of the faithful but rather “Heath Robinson” Falmouth Rotary Christmas float. It was feared without our staff and students intervening, the faithful work-horse that had raised so much money over the years for local charities, as well as often being seen as a first sign of Xmas all over Falmouth and the surrounding area, would come to an end.

“Our staff and students at Cornwall College Camborne jumped at the chance to help out and after six weeks of complete re-fit the float is back on the streets of Falmouth bringing its usual festive cheer.”

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