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Students ‘wow’ at this year’s Film School premiere

Published: May 5, 2016

Cornwall College Camborne 16-18 | Adult | event

The 11th ‘Film School’ project has been heralded as a massive success by guests at this year’s premiere of ‘The Game’, a short film produced by media students at Cornwall College Camborne.

In just two weeks the group must come up with an idea, plan the production process, collect props, build sets, cast, shoot and edit the film before premiering the finished product to industry, all on a budget of £250.

Team Lead for Digital Media at Cornwall College, Rory Mason, said: “The event has been amazing tonight, the students have done an absolutely fantastic job,  and they’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable in a two week block.  I think working with professional film makers has given them an unbelievable experience and a vital set of skills that they couldn’t gain sitting in a classroom.”

The whole process is supported by Falmouth based business Dogbite Film Crew and other industry professionals, who work alongside the students to help with the production process.

Creative Director at Dogbite Studio, John Crooks, said: “I always find Film School an amazing project for the students, it’s a real eye opener into the industry and they can learn so much in just two weeks.  Film School works really well as a project with students, it’s a tried and tested model and it just gives them so much experience, we all enjoy taking part.”

For two weeks the media timetable is collapsed, enabling students to get hands-on with all aspects of the production process.  The film is great experience and enables the students to learn, first hand, what it’s like to work on a media production and to an extremely tight deadline.

1st Assistant Director Jez Marshal added: “I’m a professional 1st Assistant Director which usually means I make sure that the production is on schedule, running the set, so I’m the boss of discipline and management of the film set, so the Director doesn’t have to.

“In the last two weeks I’ve simply tried to impart as much of my professional knowledge to the students as possible, explaining about what goes on whether small screen or big Hollywood movie and just explaining how I do things.  This is my fourth time helping on Film School and if available I’m always happy to come back and help out.”


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