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Surfing success runs in the family

Published: June 17, 2016

Cornwall College Newquay University

A student from Cornwall College Newquay has been balancing studying her foundation degree with a blossoming competitive surf career, not to mention being a busy mum.

For 31 year old Newquay native Katy Beddoe, surfing is in the blood. Her father is local surfing legend and shaper Keith Beddoe, a dedicated surfer since 1969 who has spent his life travelling around the world competing and shaping boards. Although Katy had always wanted to follow in her Dad’s footsteps, much of her time over the past few years has been occupied being a mum to her two children, aged four and two.

Somehow in amongst all this, Katy has recently been making waves in the local, national and European competitive surfing scene, ending her first year competing ranked 4th in Britain and 8th in Europe in the Ladies Longboard division. Now beginning her second year competing, Katy has started out strong, placing 3rd in England at the National Surf Championships at Watergate Bay last month and is looking forward to the year ahead. Katy said: “This year will be tough as the comps are in Jersey, Wales and Europe meaning logistically it becomes very difficult for a working, student mum-of-two to find the time and money to get to the comps. The other girls competing are awesome, I’m the only mum on the tour and sometimes it’s hard to keep up as they all hold surf related jobs or have enough free time to train regularly, and to get some sleep of course!”

In addition to the competitive surfing, Katy is also currently a student on the FdSc Surf Science & Technology at Cornwall College Newquay, a unique qualification focusing on the areas of Science, Technology and Social Sciences within to the sport of surfing. Cornwall College Newquay is one of the only places to study the course in the world, attracting students from across the globe and has links to surfing luminaries such as Chris Hines, Sam Bleakley and European Longboard Champion Ben Skinner, who also teaches on the course. Katy said: “The course is awesome and has all you would need to succeed in any number of surf industry careers, the opportunities are limitless. Cornwall College have been very accommodating to me, allowing me to go train in South Africa with my Dad and my kids for 10 weeks this winter submitting my assignments online, what an opportunity!”

Alongside the support she gets from her family, Katy has been backed by some amazing sponsors – including SNUGG wetsuits Newquay, KB Surfboards, West Coast Surf Wax, Rhino Surf, Rockerline Clothing and not to mention the chance to shape her own boards under her Dad’s logo and guidance. Katy said: “I have a lot of help from my family during my comps, they watch my kids which I am so grateful for. I followed my Dad around for his comps when I was a kid so I love the idea that my kids will have those same magical experiences; although they’re still a little young for a sneaky beer around the campfire.”

Programme Manager for the FdSc Surf Science & Technology course Brender Willmott, said: “Katy is simply one of those inspirational young women! She is successfully juggling single parenthood, with her competitive life and her academic studies.  It’s a pleasure to have such a motivated, high achiever on the course. She is a warm and engaging person and is always ready to step in and support other members of the group, always has a smile on her face and is never fazed by challenge and hard work in any aspect of her life.”

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