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The artistic future of Redruth revealed

Published: October 7, 2016

Cornwall College Camborne 16-18 | Adult | event

Two artists in residence programmes currently running at Cornwall College Camborne include a group of female artists and an illustrator all designing and preparing original works of art to be displayed in the up and coming “Inland Art Festival” based in the town of Redruth.

The main theme of the festival is “Future” and all artists have been tasked with creating individual pieces designed to stimulate and ignite the imagination.

The Keiken Collective, a group of four female emerging artists from Cornwall are looking at the future of Redruth through the form of utopias and dystopias on-line and creating lots of digital art work for the exhibition.

One of the artists from the Keiken Collective, Hannah O’Morey, said: “We are working closely with students on the Contemporary Creative Practice course and we want to try and educate the students in a slightly alternative way, focusing on being more daring, taking people out of their comfort zones and using techniques like performative actions and comical surveys which are designed to engage with people in a meaningful but playful way and our works of art will demonstrate this.”

The residencies which started in early September focus on interactions between students and artists, where they impart experiences and skills to help develop student techniques and ideas.

Fellow artist, Jess Pemberton added: “As a group of people we’re able to discuss a wide range of skills and spend more time, individually, with the art students.  Our work during the residency is not set, so our progression of work will grow and develop as our time in the college continues”.

Team Lead for Visual Arts at Cornwall College Camborne, Val Ashby, said: “We are always delighted to be working with such talented and creative artists and we know from previous residencies that these really benefit our students.  I think it’s really important that our students are exposed to as many different influences as possible to help them grow and develop as artists.  All our CCP students are really excited about being involved in the local festival and feedback so far has been really positive.”

The other artist in residence at Cornwall College is illustrator Pete Murgatroyd, who graduated from Falmouth University in 2012 and who went on to win the prestigious Cheltenham illustration award.

Pete added: “This is a great opportunity to help current students and from my own experiences I hope to show them where to derive inspiration, using some little tricks.  My own influences come from a variety of subject matter including manifestations of modern folklore, mixed with additional iconology from different eras to break constraints and produce unique pieces of art”.

One of the main focal points of the festival will be Pete’s A0 drawing of what Redruth may look like in the future, pushing his skills to the limit.  Consisting of key landmarks, Pete has had to research the history of Redruth, incorporating designs and iconic figures from past and future.

Pete continued: “It’s been a journey of discovery, learning how Redruth was once one of the richest towns in Europe and how key inventors like Murdoch and Trevithick helped change the way we all live today.  I’ve tried to add lots of elements into the drawing, taking extra inspiration from a man called Robert Hunt who was a local scientist, naturist and poet. While he was torn between the romantic and the science, a lot of educational researchers are now saying that art should be as much a part of technical academic skills as anything else and I’ve tried to combine these into the piece which I hope the public will enjoy”.

Val concluded: “Cornwall College has a growing reputation for delivering good quality art courses, with students regularly winning awards for their work.  We believe it’s vital to enrich the student experience with things like residencies, educational trips and briefs for real projects.”

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