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Training ‘sounds’ right for college staff

Published: November 14, 2016

Cornwall College Saltash Adult

Researchers across the UK say increasing numbers of us are suffering from stress in the work place, which in-turn has a massive impact on staff morale.  To counter any problems before they arise Cornwall College Saltash is offering a number of alternative therapies to help and support staff.

The first of those sessions is a sound therapy class.  Head of Saltash College, Margaret Butfield, explains more: “We discussed how we could be proactive in offering support to our staff, enabling them to switch off from the stresses of the working day. With distraction therapy, even if you are not too sure on the therapy it provides a distraction at that specific time and enables you to focus on something else.

“We want to help our staff have a good work, life balance. The Sound Therapy session proved very popular with our staff and next we will be holding a laughter yoga session.”

Sound therapists believe that our bodies contain ‘energy frequencies’ and that sonic frequencies can be used to reattune these energies when they go off key. All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of ‘pure’ sound.

Sound Therapist, Lucinda Walton, said: I was delighted to be able to deliver a Sound Bath to staff at Cornwall College Saltash. I began with a guided meditation to promote relaxation. I then used the drum which I find is great for having a clearing effect on whatever stresses and strains my clients have been carrying and helps to create focus for the chime pipes. Each chime pipe has a different tone, the resonance from the pipes is gentle and helps deep relaxation to be achieved. It is very rewarding to be able to facilitate the gentle therapeutic effects of Sound. “

Lecturer for Access to Higher Education at Cornwall College Saltash, Norma Barrett, said: “The session was very well organised. I didn’t necessarily buy into the idea of Sound Therapy beforehand, but it was incredibly relaxing. I would definitely recommend it to others and I am looking forward to attending more distraction therapy sessions. It is a great opportunity for my colleagues and I to be offered classes like this.”

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