Household Income for 2017 / 18 must be below £31,000 to qualify for this fund.


If you are studying an apprenticeship you are unable to apply for funding support.


Fields marked with an * are required

* To be assessed as independent when living with a parent/guardian you will need to demonstrate a living wage or benefits in your own right.


The information I have given in support of this application is correct and complete.
I understand that to qualify for this fund my gross taxable household income has to be under £31,000 per annum. I have provided evidence to support this.
I will inform Student Services immediately in writing if there is a change in circumstances.
I understand that if there is a change in circumstances, including my Learning Programme or if I withdraw from my course before it completes I will be asked to return any bus pass funded by the College.
I will inform Student Services if I join an Apprenticeship scheme or become eligible for a training wage.
I understand the information I provide on this form, along with the supporting evidence, will be used in confidence for the purpose of processing the application and administering the Funding Support Fund. However this may entail some information being shared with Funding Agencies, statutory bodies and child care providers responsible for providing educational funding and support.

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